What about specialty issues such as substance use and recovery needs?

             Allison is a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor and have nearly 20 years of experience working with young adults and adults who are looking to achieve and maintain sobriety.  She is also prepared to work with and support the family members and friends who love them.  The grief, loss and trauma many of those in recovery experience can be processed via art as well as spoken therapy.  Allison's program is a flexible recovery model aimed at relapse preventionthat can include 12 step philosophy, All Recovery and other groups that support recovery in general.  Allison can assist those who wish to include sponsorship and meeting attendance in their recovery as well as focus on co-occurring or codependency issues.     


                                            How long does treatment usually last?

            "Each person's treatment is different and I like to keep the therapy sessions as individualized as possible.  Sometimes treatment can take a few months or weeks to produce a sense of well being or reduce symptoms and sometimes a particular issue may require consistent care or exploration over a longer period of time eg; children with school avoidance issues may use our meetings for the entire school year.  I find that the therapeutic relationship itself helps decide how the treatment progresses over time and you may want to be able to provide a good foundation for this.  Together, we can work out a schedule that fits everyone's needs in order to provide the most success.   Our sessions will each be approximately 50 minutes in length but I try to be as flexible as possible to fit your needs." 

Allison Miskulin


Shade Tree Art Therapy

and Counseling